We are working hard to create environment where you can learn from the best and enjoy working with great colleagues.
No Hierarchy
We don't have people in different hierarchy levels. We work and we achieve together
Self organizing teams & self directing
Teams and experts themselves are much better equipped to decide than anyone else
Open sharing of information
Information belongs to all of us
Continuous learning of new skills
We strive for developing ourselves, learning and mastering latest technologies and best practises
We don't believe old school HR functions. We are focusing on empowering and supporting self directing organisation
Bringing business value to customers
We focus on creating business value to our customers through our projects. And that is what we are known of
Caring ja helping colleagues and customers
We take good care of our colleagues and customers. And that is one of the most important things for us
Doing great things together
We can go further by doing together

Open Positions

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Recruiting email
Do you have excellent Finnish language skills?
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