Consulting partner crafting next generation data-driven digital solutions and data solutions for the industry leaders.

Consulting partner crafting next generation data-driven digital solutions and data solutions for the industry leaders.

Founded by forerunners in ML/AI-driven digital solutions and data solutions development.

We know what it takes to create competitive advantage to digital solutions through intelligent use of data.


About us

We are creating benchmark data- and AI-driven digital solutions and cloud data solutions for global tech giants and leading companies in multiple sectors.
Brightly was founded by a group of leading experts in data-driven digital solutions-, cloud data solutions- and industrial IoT-development.

We founded Brightly to help customers to aim higher and become leaders in their markets by creating next-generation data- and AI-driven digital solutions providing superior user experiences, automating manual customer service processes to AI-based easy to use self-service digital solutions, and automating and optimizing business and production processes.

Our team has developed many of the famous and industry-changing data- and AI-driven digital solutions for large forerunner companies in finance, industrial, retail, health&fitness, logistics, public traffic, housing, energy, technology and medical industries.

Our expertise is built around using the latest web software technologies, cloud-based data technologies, AI/Machine learning and IoT-technologies to create leading data- and AI-driven digital solutions.

We are building the leading data- and software consultancy, where a growing team of best experts are developing success of our customers with passion. Our passionate experts are also owners of the company together with one of our founders, Reaktor.

What we do

Next Generation Data- and AI-driven Digital Solutions Development
Data Engineering, Next Generation Data Analytics and IoT-Solutions Development
Web & Mobile Software Development
Data-, Web Solutions- and Cloud Architecture Design
We Create the Future
Next Generation AI- and Data-driven Digital Solutions
AI- and Data-driven digital solutions for e.g.
  • Automating manual customer service processes to easy to use data and AI-based self-service digital solutions
  • Providing superior personalised user experiences
  • Digitalization & automation of business processes
Data- and AI-driven digital solutions development happens in 5 stages starting from strategy creation and concept development...

Data Engineering & Next Generation Data Analytics Solutions Development
We design and develop advanced data-analytics solutions, cloud data platforms, event / stream / batch based data integrations and IoT-systems, provide tools for data science (for e.g. predictive modelling, machine learning and AI), BI-tools integration and APIs for intelligent data and utilize latest Dataops practises.

Some of the technologies we use:
  • AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Snowflake, Cloud DWs, Data Lakes, IoT and Edge computing
  • Glue, Datafactory, Databricks, ETL tools
  • SQL, Python, Spark, Kafka
Web & Mobile Software Development
We turn designs into digital solutions by architecting and developing front-ends and back-ends by using latest technologies, best agile practises and devops way of working.

Some of the technologies we use:
  • React/Angular/Vue, Typescript, Javascript, SSR, Micro-frontends
  • NodeJS, Python, Java, C#/.net core, Kotlin, Go, Scala, Clojure
  • Azure, AWS, Google Cloud
  • Serverless Architectures, Containers, Kubernetes
  • DevOps, CI/CD pipelines
Data, Web and Cloud Architectures & Concepting
  • Architecture design of data- and AI-driven digital solutions
  • Architecture design of cloud data platforms
  • Edge and cloud platforms for IoT-data, Iot-data solutions, digital solutions based on IoT-data
  • Data and AI-enabled business models
  • Identification of high level use cases and requirements
  • Technology recommendations
  • Planning of development project, definition and prioritisation of backlog based on business value
  • IoT-enabled business models
  • IoT-ecosystem

Join our team

We are passionate about building competitive advantage for our customers and developing our own expertise. We believe that best way to achieve these is through open, human centric and self-directing culture, where everyone is an owner, and everyone's expertise is leveraged for defining the course of the company.

Interested in joining our growing team? Check our open positions!
    Contacts - Sales & Recruiting
    Ilpo Rouhola
    Managing Partner, Sales & Recruiting

    Tel. +358 50 487 2920

    Pekka Vuorio
    Lead Architect & Co-Founder

    Tel. +358 40 125 7949

    Recruiting & sales
    Mia Friström
    Head of Recruitment & Sales

    Tel. +358 40 506 1725
    Jukka Pirinen
    Lead IoT Architect

    Tel. +358 50 410 2013

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